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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silicon Technology from Intel

Intel is committed to continue introducing new and innovative process technologies according to Moore's Law, delivering great leaps in performance, new levels of energy efficiency, and lower cost per function to the end user
32nm logic technology
Discover how Intel has demonstrated the world's first 32nm logic process with functional SRAM, packing more than 1.9 billion second generation high-k metal gate transistors.
45nm logic technology
See how Intel has used dramatically new materials to develop its next-generation hafnium-based 45nm high-k metal gate silicon technology.
65nm logic technology
Discover advanced dual- and quad-core capabilities with 65nm silicon technology.

Silicon history

Follow the silicon revolution from the invention of the transistor in 1947 to today's mega performing multi-core processors.

* 60 Years Of the Transistor: 1947-2007 (PDF 216 KB)

Silicon research

Intel’s silicon R&D pipeline
Explore how Intel's silicon R&D pipeline includes 3-D transistors, III-V materials, carbon nanotubes, and semiconductor nanowires for future high-speed and low-power, transistors and interconnects.

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